Gaming at the Used Car Dealership with Hive and Slide 5

2006 22 foot C-dory boat cruiser

Our boat

Recently, Sean and I made an exciting decision and bought a boat! It is a 2006 22 foot C-dory. Sean found a good deal on one near our house, which was great because we were thinking we might have to go to the east coast to get one.

C-dories are made locally, but they are in such demand around here that the prices are higher, and they are often cheaper farther away. We were lucky to find one for a good price locally! Our boat is a little cruiser with an enclosed cabin, so we can use it year-round and even camp (and of course play games) on it.

However, we had to borrow Sean’s dad’s truck to pull the boat because our little Toyota Tacoma couldn’t handle the task. That meant we also needed to upgrade to a bigger truck.

So last week, we went to some used car dealers and looked at trucks. There were some very shady dealers out there! I was amazed. We saw trucks with parts glued on and falling off and very old carfax reports from 3 years ago that they were passing off as current!

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck

Our new truck

We did end up finding a good truck from a reputable dealership. It’s a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 4×4. While we waited for the salesman to evaluate our trade-in, we pulled out Hive and played it on his desk.

Sean unloading the Hive bag

Sean unloading the Hive bag

Sean holding up Hive game tiles and smiling

Sean ready to play

Elizabeth holding up Hive game queen bee tile

Me with my queen bee

Hive game after each player laid out four tiles

The game begins

Hive game on car dealer desk

The game progresses--I love how compact and portable it is!

Hive game ends with black queen bee surrounded

Sean (white) wins! My queen is surrounded.

Sean smiling after he wins Hive game

The happy winner

We then played a quick round of Slide 5, completed the sale, said goodbye to our Toyota Tacoma, and drove home in our new (used) Chevy Silverado! We will miss our old dependable Toyota.

Sean and Elizabeth in front of Toyota Tacoma

Goodbye, truckling! We will miss you.

It was such a cute little truck–so small that we nicknamed it the “truckling” because it was kind of like a baby truck or baby duckling. I’m thinking our new truck is more like a papa duck.

Toyota Tacoma

The truckling

The next day, we visited the boat to take measurements for a boat cover.

Sean measuring 22 foot C-dory boat

Sean measuring the boat

I mostly sat around in the grass and brainstormed possible boat names. We still haven’t decided on a boat name yet.

Elizabeth with 22 foot C-dory boat

Me sitting around

Sean pretending to spot land on C-dory boat

Sean spotting land

An exciting thing I noticed when we drove the truck that night was that it has a huge fold down surface between the two front seats that is perfect for playing dice games while we wait for the ferry! I will have to figure out which of our games will work well for playing in the truck–and in the boat! We will definitely play Hive at the little table in the boat!

Chevrolet Silverado and C-dory boat

Truck and boat

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