Pass the Pigs in Bellevue Thai Kitchen Restaurant

Josie waiting for Thai food to arrive

My lovely sister and fierce opponent

On one of my recent days off, I went over to Bellevue to spend the afternoon with my beautiful, smart, and funny little sister Josie. She is also one of my best gaming buddies!

Josie is usually willing to learn new games, so she and I sometimes learn a new game together and then teach Sean later. We were considering going to a movie on this particular afternoon, but we were having trouble figuring out what movie we wanted to see.

We decided to go to a Thai restaurant for a mid-afternoon meal and decide from there what to do next.

Elizabeth in Thai restaurant

Me with Thai food

We went to Thai Kitchen and arrived about 3:15 pm. The place was almost empty, which was cool. (They get very busy at lunchtime.)
A collection of games on the table including Hive, Slide 5, Zombie Dice, Elk Fest, Pass the Pigs, and Jaipur

The games I had in my purse: Hive, Slide 5, Zombie Dice, Elk Fest, Pass the Pigs, and Jaipur

Josie expressed interest in playing a game while we waited, so I pulled out all the games I had in my purse as options. She was a little surprised by all that I was hauling around with me.

When I pulled out Pass the Pigs, Josie said she had played it before! And she was willing to try it out when I said I had never played it. So now I can officially say that I have played Pass the Pigs!

Pass the Pigs game and scoresheet

The pigs are ready to roll

The way it works is that you roll the pigs and get points based on the positions they land in. You can keep rolling and collecting points on your turn, but it gets risky because you could also lose your points if they land in a couple of particular positions. For example, it’s bad if they are on their sides facing each other or if they are touching each other in any way.

Pass the Pigs roll with a pig on its side and one on its nose

Snouter and sider

You can decide to stop rolling and bank your points from that turn whenever you want. The first player to reach 100 points wins. We both accumulated points very quickly. Toward the end, Josie had 93 points and I had 95, but it was her turn to roll. She rolled a bunch of one point “siders” and then suddenly rolled them into a crazy position that would give her a bunch of points if they were not touching but that would lose her points and turn if they were touching!

Pass the Pigs tough call roll

Josie's final Pass the Pigs roll

It was very hard to tell if they were touching! We had to stand up and view them from different angles. We finally determined that they were not touching, and Josie won!
Josie with yellow curry

Taking a break from the game to dish up food

Also, we both won in a sense because we got to eat some yummy Thai food! The people who worked at the restaurant were very nice about us playing a game. The lady who brought over our food laughed when she saw us and said the pigs looked really cute.

Pass the Pigs on table with Thai dishes

Playing while eating

My final sense of Pass the Pigs is that the pigs are really darn cute. But the scoring system is kind of dull and a pain to track. I don’t like having to write down scores with a pencil. I’m thinking there is probably a way to modify the rules to make it more exciting and a bit simpler, more like Zombie Dice.

The game as the rules are currently written is probably not going to be able to compete with Zombie Dice for a quick, exciting dice rolling game. The pigs need a little more excitement. I’ll write a post about Zombie Dice later, since I play it a LOT and should really give it a little more attention on this blog.

Green tea and yellow carnation

Green tea at Thai Kitchen

After the meal, we decided to skip the movie and go shopping at Goodwill instead. First, we spent a couple of hours catching up with our amazing mother, who is beautiful, hardworking, and so fun to talk to! She has great advice and an inspiring outlook on life. (She has also played a lot of my games, and I will definitely be featuring her and my other game playing family members in future posts!)

Then Josie and I went shopping for treasures at Goodwill. One of my favorite things I found at Goodwill was this Hello Kitty purse. It’s pretty small, but I bet I can squeeze a few games in there.

Hello Kitty purse from Goodwill

My new Hello Kitty purse

We made a final stop at Bartell’s for some Theo’s chocolate and cookies to wrap up the night. It was a fun day!

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  1. And I got to taste some of those candy bars too. Yummy! Those little pigs are awfully cute and that hive game looks pretty fun too.

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