Zombie Dice Snow Day at Carmelita

Sean standing outside Carmelita restaurant

On a recent snow day when Sean and I both worked from home, I got an email from Carmelita, one of our favorite restaurants, saying they were having all day happy hour for the snow day. When we both finished working, I put Zombie Dice in my pocket, and we took a long walk through the snow for some dice, cocktails, and yummy vegetarian food.

Like many people in Seattle, we live on a steep hill. It looked beautiful in the snow, but we have seen many cars get out of control when people try to drive up or down it in the snow.

Looking down a steep snowy hill

Looking down our steep hill in the snow

Looking down a steep snowy hill

Another view of our steep snowy hill

The walk was cold and slippery, but fun. Lots of people were outside sledding and playing. I like how bright it is outside at night when it snows.

The texture of the snow was unusual because freezing rain had started creating a layer of ice on top of the snow, so we had 4-5 inches of snow with a crunchy layer of ice on top. It was a lot like the texture of creme brûlée.

Sean standing outside Carmelita restaurant

Sean as we reached Carmelita

We finally got up to Carmelita and found that the bar area was busy, but two groups left soon after we arrived, so we got spots at the bar.

Snow outside the windows of Carmelita

Pretty snowy scene outside the windows

Bottles in the Carmelita bar

The bar at Carmelita

Drink mixing at Carmelita bar

Our drinks being mixed

We always love the cocktails at Carmelita. They are unusual and tasty! Sean and I like to share our drinks so that we both get to try more things.

We ordered a Sugar Plum, which was a bubbly drink in a flute with creme de cassis and some yummy wintery spices. We also ordered an Aquamarine, which included gin and chartreuse, among other things.

Sugar Plum and Aquamarine drinks at Carmelita

Sugar Plum and Aquamarine

We ordered a salad and flatbread with dips to start. We started playing Zombie Dice while we snacked on that stuff. We rolled the dice on the menu to avoid disturbing other people, but nobody seemed to mind or even notice.

Flatbread and salad and Carmelita

Carmelita flatbread with dip and salad with roasted apples and nuts

Carmelita menu with Zombie Dice on it

Rolling Zombie Dice on the Carmelita menu

I won’t go into detail on Zombie Dice because I blogged about it in more detail before. It sure is a great size for taking outside in my pocket on a walk or hike. (We also hiked up a mountain with it in September.)

Mirror at Carmelita

Sean took a photo of the mirror and then realized I was in it

The pizzas were delicious! This is such amazing vegetarian food.

Pizzas at Carmelita

Delicious pizzas

After we ate, we finished our game and ordered another round of cocktails. We got a drink called a Smitten and one called Bitter and Spice. Both featured rosemary, and both were good. Smitten was much sweeter. I liked both.

Smitten and Bitter and Spice drinks at Carmelita

Smitten and Bitter and Spice

I won at Zombie Dice.

Eight brains rolled and one shot in Zombie Dice

I rolled eight brains in one turn!

We wrapped up with a hot buttered rum to warm up for the long walk home!

Buttered rum at Carmelita

Buttered rum

Elizabeth walking away from Carmelita in the snow

Leaving Carmelita

Elizabeth on the sidewalk in the snow

Me on the way home from Carmelita

It was a fun snow day!

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