Sushizock im Gockelwok – Just So-So with Two

Sushizock at Populuxe

Sushizock im Gockelwok at Populuxe Brewing

Sean and I have played Sushizock im Gockelwok on our own a few times, and I’ve also played in a larger group. Since we hadn’t played it in a long time, we took it along on a recent trip to Populuxe Brewing. Sushizock was one of the games I wanted to reevaluate to consider whether it’s really worth having around.

The game is in a smallish box, but it’s still too large to fit in a pocket. Sean took the pieces out of the box and put them in a baggie so it fit in his pocket, which worked.

When we got to Populuxe, the place was crowded with a family day event, but it cleared out a lot as we played.

Populuxe Brewing's cute front doorway

Populuxe Brewing’s cute front doorway

We got yummy beer from Populuxe, vegan avocado tacos and deep fried cauliflower “wings” for dinner from the No Bones About It food truck, and great ice cream (including vegan!) from the Balleywood Creamery stand. I dug in too quickly on the food to take photos, unfortunately!

No Bones About It food truck and Balleywood Creamery stand at Populuxe Brewing

No Bones About It food truck and Balleywood Creamery stand at Populuxe Brewing

No Bones About It food truck

No Bones About It food truck – a closer-up shot I took on another day at a brewery around the corner from Populuxe

We started the game before we ate, took a break for food, and then finished up afterward. I’ve written about Sushizock before, so I won’t go into detail about how it works here. We each stole one tile from each other in our recent game.

Overall, with just two players, I feel like Sushizock is just mediocre. It’s just not that exciting to have only one opponent to hurt, steal from, etc. I found it a little dull with just two. I recall it being more interesting with more players, but with just two, I think I’d be unlikely to suggest it when we have so many other two-player games that I like better.

I like how durable the tile pieces are; they hold up well on a wet table and with exposure to beer, for example. But the dice are made of wood, which makes them less durable in a messy or wet environment. I wish they were as durable as the tiles.

I guess we’ll continue to hang on to Sushizock for now, in case we have chances to play it with more players, but honestly I feel a little “meh” about it and could go either way on whether to keep it. Even with more players, there are other games I’d go to first. It’s pretty small, though, so it’s not taking up a ton of valuable space in the game cabinet.

Upper game cabinet

For size perspective, Sushizock im Gockelwok is in the lower right corner of the upper game cabinet

Lower game cabinet

And, for completeness, here is the lower game cabinet (minus the games that are at the cabin – Finca, Catan, Balderdash, Wits & Wagers, and perhaps 1 or 2 others)


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