Sean, me, and Lily

Sean, me, and Lily

I’m Elizabeth. I love playing board and card games. I especially like European style strategy games and party games. I like games with interaction, meeples, dice, and that sort of thing. I live in Seattle with my husband, Sean. We have a golden retriever named Lily and two cats named Booja and Oogie. We also have a cabin in the San Juans.

I liked playing games growing up, but I didn’t get really into it until fall of 2009 when our friends Jill and Morgan (who were already way into games) taught us to play Carcassonne. That was eye opening! I had no idea such fun games were out there. I did a little online research, stumbled across the very helpful BoardGameGeek website, and learned that there are in fact loads of very cool games out there.

Nowadays, I play games with Sean, my family, friends, and coworkers. I am often the person who reads the rules and teaches others to play a game because I enjoy learning new games. But I prefer to learn a game from someone who already knows how to play. Fortunately, I have some friends who are into games and who teach me new games, too.

The name of this blog is from a Seinfeld quote. Sean is a big Seinfeld fan, and I am now one too. It’s from a scene where George and Wilhelm tell Steinbrenner that they are sick of his macho head games. It’s also used in the Mandelbaum episode, when the Mandelbaums accuse Jerry of playing macho head games. We liked that quote so much that we use it just for fun, especially when playing games. Just yesterday I was accused of playing macho head games because I was trying to get all the other players to gang up on Sean and attack him.

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  2. Hi! I ended up on your site because of noodling about Hive, but then I saw your pic and I’m sure I know you… Knitting? I’m off to buy zombie dice and (w)rack my brain about knowing you. Pretty sure I’m going to be embarrassed. rebecca (talkingcrow on Ravelry)

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