Airplane Games

Hive, Blokus Duo, and Ticket to Ride iPad app on airplane tray table

I’ve had to travel for work lately, and I had the good fortune to sit with my friend and co-worker Charlie on a couple of fairly empty flights recently. We both like games, so we spent the time trying out games on the airplane tray tables. We played Hive, Blokus Duo, and the Ticket to Ride iPad app.

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Cute Pastel Camels in Through the Desert

Conflict of camels in Through the Desert

Sean got me a few games for Christmas last year, and Through the Desert was one of them. I had read about it on BoardGameGeek and told Sean I was interested in it. Part of the reason was the super cute camel pieces used in the game. The pastel camels look like candy!

We played Through the Desert twice right after getting it, didn’t love it as much as most of our games, and then didn’t play it again until this week. I don’t think we were quite ready for this type of game back in December, but we liked it a lot more when we played it on Sunday. Continue reading

Hive and For Sale Card Game at Lake Whatcom

Whatcom Falls

Whatcom Falls

On Sunday, Sean and I visited our friends Brian and Leigh, who are staying at a condo on Lake Whatcom while they wait for their brand-new Airstream trailer to be ready next month. Then they will set off to live life on the road! They blog about their adventures and post gorgeous photos at Aluminarium. Continue reading

Gaming at the Used Car Dealership with Hive and Slide 5

2006 22 foot C-dory boat cruiser

Our boat

Recently, Sean and I made an exciting decision and bought a boat! It is a 2006 22 foot C-dory. Sean found a good deal on one near our house, which was great because we were thinking we might have to go to the east coast to get one.

C-dories are made locally, but they are in such demand around here that the prices are higher, and they are often cheaper farther away. We were lucky to find one for a good price locally! Our boat is a little cruiser with an enclosed cabin, so we can use it year-round and even camp (and of course play games) on it. Continue reading

Coloretto and Bohnanza at Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox

Earlier this week, we went back to Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox with our friends Charlie and Michele. They also love to play games! Their favorite right now is Dominion. They have all the expansions for it!

We started the night with a non-game related activity by going on a rooftop garden tour at Bastille restaurant (a French restaurant in Ballard) and then having dinner there. Here are a couple of photos from it anyway because it was so cool.

Rooftop garden tour at Bastille restaurant in Ballard

Charlie, Sean, and Michele following our guide on the Bastille rooftop

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Hive at Cafe Mox and Card Kingdom

Card Kingdom game store entrance in Ballard

Card Kingdom entrance

Card Kingdom is a newish game store that opened in Ballard recently. I have shopped there for games a few times but hadn’t really hung out there. But I had been wanting to, and I finally got the chance! Continue reading