Lost Cities Two-Player Card Game

Game box for two-player game Lost Cities

Lost Cities is a fairly popular two-player card game. I know many people love this game, but it isn’t one of my favorites. It’s okay, but it doesn’t stand out as being special in comparison to some of my other favorite games. I find it a little dull for what it is.

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Playing Racko at Naked City Brewery

Game box for Racko next to Naked City pretzel

Racko is a simple and classic numbers game from the 1950s that is very heavy on luck. It’s light and enjoyable. I got it for Sean for Christmas after he enjoyed playing it at a game night recently. We took Racko along with us to dinner at Naked City Brewery after work on a Tuesday night. Naked City is a very cool local brewery with good beer, good food, and a board game-friendly environment.

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Fun with Deck Building in Dominion

Game box for Dominion card game

I bought Dominion last fall based on reviews on BoardGameGeek, and it has turned out to be a popular game with my husband and friends. It’s a card game, but it feels deeper and more involved than most card games. It also takes up a significant amount of table space, like a board game.

It’s interesting how each player starts out with an identical deck and the same opportunities, but the choices players make change their abilities and opportunities pretty quickly as the decks become unique. I also like the variety in this game; every game is different based on the different possible combinations of kingdom cards and the different strategies used by the players.

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Risks and Rewards in Incan Gold

Game box for Incan Gold

Incan Gold is a simple and fun game for groups of up to eight people. It takes only a couple of minutes to teach, and experienced players don’t really have an edge over new players. I think this is one of the noisier games we play at work, because the excitement over big treasure cards or danger cards leads to exclamations. There is a good level of tension and an element of trying to guess what the other players will do. Continue reading

Lies and Backstabbing in The Resistance

Cards and box for The Resistance game

The Resistance is a social deduction game that heavily depends on the group of people playing it. With the right group of people, it is a very entertaining game of accusations, betrayal, and deceit. With the wrong group of people, it falls flat as a random-feeling guessing game. Continue reading

Silly Random Fun with Fluxx

Game box for Fluxx card game

Our box is well worn from heavy use and carrying in my purse

Fluxx is a difficult game to describe, because the rules and goals are constantly changing. I enjoy the crazy chaos of playing Fluxx, and I have had some very fun times with it. But it drives some people crazy because of that randomness and chaos. I think you need to approach it with a light attitude, knowing that you are unlikely to have much control over the outcome. Continue reading

Two-Player Card Game Jaipur

Cards and cardboard tokens in Jaipur game box

Jaipur is one of my favorite options for a quick but strategic two-player game. The rules are very easy to learn and teach, and the decisions are tough but quick. It’s one of the games that I often lose but don’t mind because the experience is so much fun. I like the art and the simplicity of the cards and tokens, which include only images and numbers (no text). But there are a few downsides that prevent us from playing Jaipur as often as I’d like to. Continue reading

Fairy Tale Card Drafting Game

Fairy Tale card game

Fairy Tale is a unique card game that is quite different both visually and in gameplay from my other games. To me, this is a good thing, because I tend to like variety in my games. But as with many of my games, I know at least one person who strongly dislikes it. In this case, it’s my husband, so my plays of this game will likely be at work or not at all. I have played it with coworkers a couple of times. I think it’s an interesting game, even though it wasn’t a hit at my house. Continue reading

Archaeology: The Card Game at Sambar

Archaeology: The Card Game set collecting

Last Friday night, Sean and I went out for a nice Italian dinner at Picolinos in Ballard and then went to Sambar for cocktails. I had a bunch of games in my purse, but we didn’t feel like Picolinos was the right environment for it, so we finally pulled out Archaeology: The Card Game at Sambar. Continue reading

Scopa and Monday Night Football

Charlie looking nervous and Michele looking happy

Charlie looks a little nervous, but Michele looks happy...maybe because Michele and Sean were way ahead of us on points

Michele and Charlie recently taught Sean and me a fun Italian card game called scopa. Michele spent time in Italy during college and played scopa a lot while she was there. The cards are very pretty and are thicker than normal playing cards. Scopa is quick to learn and goes at a fast pace. Continue reading