Airplane Games

Hive, Blokus Duo, and Ticket to Ride iPad app on airplane tray table

I’ve had to travel for work lately, and I had the good fortune to sit with my friend and co-worker Charlie on a couple of fairly empty flights recently. We both like games, so we spent the time trying out games on the airplane tray tables. We played Hive, Blokus Duo, and the Ticket to Ride iPad app.

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Ticket to Ride iPad App

Mini pumpkins next to Ticket to Ride app on iPad

Sean recently found a great deal on the first version iPad at Target, and shortly after getting the iPad, he found and downloaded a Ticket to Ride app! We tried it out the other night. Since we only have one iPad, we played in a “play and pass” mode where we took turns and passed the iPad back and forth. The app has some definite advantages over the real game, but there are some downsides, too. Continue reading