Sushizock im Gockelwok – Just So-So with Two

Sushizock at Populuxe

Sushizock im Gockelwok at Populuxe Brewing

Sean and I have played Sushizock im Gockelwok on our own a few times, and I’ve also played in a larger group. Since we hadn’t played it in a long time, we took it along on a recent trip to Populuxe Brewing. Sushizock was one of the games I wanted to reevaluate to consider whether it’s really worth having around.

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Martian Dice: It’s No Zombie Dice, But Still Fun

martian dice cow, chicken, human, tank, death ray

When I first heard about Martian Dice, I felt like I needed to get a copy, because Zombie Dice has been a hit with pretty much everyone I know. Martian Dice has some similarities, especially in appearance, but it’s a very different game with its own pros and cons.

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Lost Cities Two-Player Card Game

Game box for two-player game Lost Cities

Lost Cities is a fairly popular two-player card game. I know many people love this game, but it isn’t one of my favorites. It’s okay, but it doesn’t stand out as being special in comparison to some of my other favorite games. I find it a little dull for what it is.

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Airplane Games

Hive, Blokus Duo, and Ticket to Ride iPad app on airplane tray table

I’ve had to travel for work lately, and I had the good fortune to sit with my friend and co-worker Charlie on a couple of fairly empty flights recently. We both like games, so we spent the time trying out games on the airplane tray tables. We played Hive, Blokus Duo, and the Ticket to Ride iPad app.

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Zombie in my Pocket

Game box for Zombie in my Pocket

Zombie in my Pocket is an interesting idea for a game. I think it has potential for being pretty fun, but the experiences I’ve had so far have been somewhat disappointing. I’m still trying to figure out if this game will get more fun after more plays or if it’s just a little awkward. I’ve only played it twice, so it may be a little early to tell.  Continue reading

Silly Random Fun with Fluxx

Game box for Fluxx card game

Our box is well worn from heavy use and carrying in my purse

Fluxx is a difficult game to describe, because the rules and goals are constantly changing. I enjoy the crazy chaos of playing Fluxx, and I have had some very fun times with it. But it drives some people crazy because of that randomness and chaos. I think you need to approach it with a light attitude, knowing that you are unlikely to have much control over the outcome. Continue reading

Two-Player Card Game Jaipur

Cards and cardboard tokens in Jaipur game box

Jaipur is one of my favorite options for a quick but strategic two-player game. The rules are very easy to learn and teach, and the decisions are tough but quick. It’s one of the games that I often lose but don’t mind because the experience is so much fun. I like the art and the simplicity of the cards and tokens, which include only images and numbers (no text). But there are a few downsides that prevent us from playing Jaipur as often as I’d like to. Continue reading

Fairy Tale Card Drafting Game

Fairy Tale card game

Fairy Tale is a unique card game that is quite different both visually and in gameplay from my other games. To me, this is a good thing, because I tend to like variety in my games. But as with many of my games, I know at least one person who strongly dislikes it. In this case, it’s my husband, so my plays of this game will likely be at work or not at all. I have played it with coworkers a couple of times. I think it’s an interesting game, even though it wasn’t a hit at my house. Continue reading