A Return to Blogging

Me in a viking hat

How I feel when I think about how long it has been since I posted on this blog

Hi! I’m back. Wow, it has been more than three years since my last post. I just read through my old posts, and it made me miss blogging about games.

My last post was at a time when I was getting really burned out at work. Not long after that, I gave notice at my job. I then freelanced for a year for that company, and I lived at our cabin for part of that year while we remodeled our house. I took our three pets up to the cabin to keep them out of the way during the biggest part of the remodel, while Sean stayed in Seattle to be close to his office and to oversee the remodel project. Every weekend, one of us drove to the other so we could be together, but it was a crazy time and very few games were played.

Since I was alone at our cabin for a while, I got into more solitary activities, especially running and biking (and, of course, my usual reading). When I returned home at the end of the remodel, I was very busy with some family stuff and with job hunting. I eventually ended up at a software company where I work now. I like my job and have a pretty good work/life balance most of the time.

Here are some photos from freelancing, remodeling, and outdoorsing during the blog hiatus… (scroll further for photos of our recent travels – including a trip to Carcassonne! – and a couple of games played recently). Continue reading

Meeple Madness

Blue Carcassonne meeple

Carcassonne meeple

Meeples are one of my favorite board game components because they are so adorable and fun. A meeple is a small wooden piece representing a person or player in a game, usually shaped like a small person but sometimes shaped like animals, vehicles, or other creatures or objects. In this post, I’m going to show off some of the cute meeples in my games! Continue reading