A Fun Sea Monster Bloodbath in Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Meeples on a boat in Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Survive: Escape from Atlantis is a game that is both silly and brutal–a fun combination! Players attempt to rescue their meeples from a sinking island, avoid sea monsters, and turn those sea monsters on the other players.

I’ve played some seemingly friendly games like Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne where players got upset with each other based on perceived mean behavior, but I have never seen any sort of hard feelings in games of Survive. I think that’s because the conflict is so direct and expected. You can’t really blame someone for killing off your meeples when you’re trying to do the very same thing to the rest of the players!

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An Evening of Carcassonne

Rich, Elizabeth, and Pat at the Carcassonne table

Carcassonne is a special game to me because it is the game that really got me interested in board games. My friends Jill and Morgan received Carcassonne for a wedding gift, and they taught us to play it in fall of 2009. It was eye opening! I had never enjoyed a board game so much.

Sean and I got a copy soon afterward, and we have played many times since then. I started researching other games like it online, found the BoardGameGeek website, and got hooked!

Although I now have many other great games that I enjoy, I still love Carcassonne. Last night, Sean and I had dinner with our friends Pat and Rich, and we taught them to play Carcassonne. Carcassonne feels like a mellow game, but it can be pretty cutthroat in a quiet way. I find something very satisfying in the puzzle-like game board that you create as you go. Continue reading

Fun with Deck Building in Dominion

Game box for Dominion card game

I bought Dominion last fall based on reviews on BoardGameGeek, and it has turned out to be a popular game with my husband and friends. It’s a card game, but it feels deeper and more involved than most card games. It also takes up a significant amount of table space, like a board game.

It’s interesting how each player starts out with an identical deck and the same opportunities, but the choices players make change their abilities and opportunities pretty quickly as the decks become unique. I also like the variety in this game; every game is different based on the different possible combinations of kingdom cards and the different strategies used by the players.

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Risks and Rewards in Incan Gold

Game box for Incan Gold

Incan Gold is a simple and fun game for groups of up to eight people. It takes only a couple of minutes to teach, and experienced players don’t really have an edge over new players. I think this is one of the noisier games we play at work, because the excitement over big treasure cards or danger cards leads to exclamations. There is a good level of tension and an element of trying to guess what the other players will do. Continue reading

Lies and Backstabbing in The Resistance

Cards and box for The Resistance game

The Resistance is a social deduction game that heavily depends on the group of people playing it. With the right group of people, it is a very entertaining game of accusations, betrayal, and deceit. With the wrong group of people, it falls flat as a random-feeling guessing game. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Meeples

Meeples painted to look like NFL football players

The full Team Spiderbaby as of week 10

Sean and I have never been much into sports, but this year, we joined a fantasy football league, and I am really enjoying playing it and learning about football! Fantasy football has a lot of similarities to a board game. The players on our team are a lot like our meeples.

We choose who plays each week and bench the others, and then they go out into the world and bring us back points. In order to make the experience more board game like, I decided to get unpainted wooden meeples and paint them to represent our team! Continue reading

Zombie in my Pocket

Game box for Zombie in my Pocket

Zombie in my Pocket is an interesting idea for a game. I think it has potential for being pretty fun, but the experiences I’ve had so far have been somewhat disappointing. I’m still trying to figure out if this game will get more fun after more plays or if it’s just a little awkward. I’ve only played it twice, so it may be a little early to tell.  Continue reading

Silly Random Fun with Fluxx

Game box for Fluxx card game

Our box is well worn from heavy use and carrying in my purse

Fluxx is a difficult game to describe, because the rules and goals are constantly changing. I enjoy the crazy chaos of playing Fluxx, and I have had some very fun times with it. But it drives some people crazy because of that randomness and chaos. I think you need to approach it with a light attitude, knowing that you are unlikely to have much control over the outcome. Continue reading