Exercise Points for Buying Games

A stack of games purchased by earning exercise points

Board games I earned by exercising and getting fitter in 2011 so far (Sushizock not pictured because it's being shipped)

I first started getting interested in board games in late 2009. Over the next year, I built up an awesome game collection of about 40 games (many of them small card games).

For my new year’s resolution in 2011, I decided to create a system awarding myself points for exercise that can be converted into money for buying new games. I figured this would prevent me from going too crazy with new games and motivate me to get in shape! Continue reading

Camping Games Bohnanza, Slide 5, and Set

Camping games: Zombie Dice, Mexican Train, LCR Dice, Bohnanza, waterproof cards, Farkle, Perudo, Slide 5, Pass the Pigs, Hive

Camping games I packed

Last weekend, Sean and I went camping at Lake Easton with our friends Charlie and Michele. Naturally, I packed a bag of games! I tried not to go too far overboard and focused on packing small games that would work well at a picnic table. Continue reading

Coloretto and Bohnanza at Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox

Earlier this week, we went back to Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox with our friends Charlie and Michele. They also love to play games! Their favorite right now is Dominion. They have all the expansions for it!

We started the night with a non-game related activity by going on a rooftop garden tour at Bastille restaurant (a French restaurant in Ballard) and then having dinner there. Here are a couple of photos from it anyway because it was so cool.

Rooftop garden tour at Bastille restaurant in Ballard

Charlie, Sean, and Michele following our guide on the Bastille rooftop

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