PAX Prime 2011 Game Convention in Seattle

Our PAX Prime 2011 badges at end of day

Our PAX badges after a fun day

Sean and I recently attended PAX Prime 2011. PAX is short for Penny Arcade Expo. It is a huge, weekend long gaming event for video gamers, PC gamers, and board gamers. According to Wikipedia’s info about PAX, PAX originated in Seattle in 2004 and now does an event in Boston (PAX East) too.

Over the last couple of years, I remembered people from Sean’s work talking about PAX, so this year, when tickets went on sale in April or so, I got two passes for Saturday so we could check it out. Continue reading

Coloretto and Bohnanza at Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox

Earlier this week, we went back to Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox with our friends Charlie and Michele. They also love to play games! Their favorite right now is Dominion. They have all the expansions for it!

We started the night with a non-game related activity by going on a rooftop garden tour at Bastille restaurant (a French restaurant in Ballard) and then having dinner there. Here are a couple of photos from it anyway because it was so cool.

Rooftop garden tour at Bastille restaurant in Ballard

Charlie, Sean, and Michele following our guide on the Bastille rooftop

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Hive at Cafe Mox and Card Kingdom

Card Kingdom game store entrance in Ballard

Card Kingdom entrance

Card Kingdom is a newish game store that opened in Ballard recently. I have shopped there for games a few times but hadn’t really hung out there. But I had been wanting to, and I finally got the chance! Continue reading