Fruit Farming Fun in Finca Game

Midway through Finca game

Finca is a board game about fruit farming. That might not sound so interesting, but it is actually a fun strategic game that is focused enough that it doesn’t require terribly deep thinking, which is refreshing.

Turns are quick, the components are attractive and good quality, and there is something very satisfying about harvesting little pieces of wooden fruit. The windmill mechanic for moving farmers and getting fruit is also an interesting puzzle-like system.

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Meeple Madness

Blue Carcassonne meeple

Carcassonne meeple

Meeples are one of my favorite board game components because they are so adorable and fun. A meeple is a small wooden piece representing a person or player in a game, usually shaped like a small person but sometimes shaped like animals, vehicles, or other creatures or objects. In this post, I’m going to show off some of the cute meeples in my games! Continue reading