Treasure Hunting in Tobago Board Game

Game board early in Tobago game

Tobago may just be the most attractive looking board game I own. It feels like a deduction game, since players are narrowing down the possibilities to find the location of treasures, but the locations of the treasures are actually determined by clues played by the players.

I like Tobago a lot, but it isn’t one of my very favorite games because it feels a little repetitive (narrow down clues to treasure, race to treasure, dig up treasure, repeat). However, when I played most recently with Sean and Josie, they both said Tobago is one of their very favorite games that I own. So it is pretty appealing!

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Meeple Madness

Blue Carcassonne meeple

Carcassonne meeple

Meeples are one of my favorite board game components because they are so adorable and fun. A meeple is a small wooden piece representing a person or player in a game, usually shaped like a small person but sometimes shaped like animals, vehicles, or other creatures or objects. In this post, I’m going to show off some of the cute meeples in my games! Continue reading