PAX Prime 2011 Game Convention in Seattle

Our PAX Prime 2011 badges at end of day

Our PAX badges after a fun day

Sean and I recently attended PAX Prime 2011. PAX is short for Penny Arcade Expo. It is a huge, weekend long gaming event for video gamers, PC gamers, and board gamers. According to Wikipedia’s info about PAX, PAX originated in Seattle in 2004 and now does an event in Boston (PAX East) too.

Over the last couple of years, I remembered people from Sean’s work talking about PAX, so this year, when tickets went on sale in April or so, I got two passes for Saturday so we could check it out. Continue reading

Gaming at the Used Car Dealership with Hive and Slide 5

2006 22 foot C-dory boat cruiser

Our boat

Recently, Sean and I made an exciting decision and bought a boat! It is a 2006 22 foot C-dory. Sean found a good deal on one near our house, which was great because we were thinking we might have to go to the east coast to get one.

C-dories are made locally, but they are in such demand around here that the prices are higher, and they are often cheaper farther away. We were lucky to find one for a good price locally! Our boat is a little cruiser with an enclosed cabin, so we can use it year-round and even camp (and of course play games) on it. Continue reading

Camping Games Bohnanza, Slide 5, and Set

Camping games: Zombie Dice, Mexican Train, LCR Dice, Bohnanza, waterproof cards, Farkle, Perudo, Slide 5, Pass the Pigs, Hive

Camping games I packed

Last weekend, Sean and I went camping at Lake Easton with our friends Charlie and Michele. Naturally, I packed a bag of games! I tried not to go too far overboard and focused on packing small games that would work well at a picnic table. Continue reading

Slide 5 at the Sloop

The Sloop tavern in Ballard

The Sloop

The Sloop is a fun dive-y bar in Ballard that has huge “Sloopersize” beers and pretty tasty food for cheap. I went there with Charlie after work the other day while his wife Michele took a paddleboard yoga class (very brave!) and while Sean finished working. Continue reading