Martian Dice: It’s No Zombie Dice, But Still Fun

martian dice cow, chicken, human, tank, death ray

When I first heard about Martian Dice, I felt like I needed to get a copy, because Zombie Dice has been a hit with pretty much everyone I know. Martian Dice has some similarities, especially in appearance, but it’s a very different game with its own pros and cons.

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Zombie Dice Snow Day at Carmelita

Sean standing outside Carmelita restaurant

On a recent snow day when Sean and I both worked from home, I got an email from Carmelita, one of our favorite restaurants, saying they were having all day happy hour for the snow day. When we both finished working, I put Zombie Dice in my pocket, and we took a long walk through the snow for some dice, cocktails, and yummy vegetarian food.

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Crowd Pleaser Zombie Dice

Pile of Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice is by far my most played game over the past few years. I have not yet found a game that can compete with it in its combination of fun, theme, portability, short time frame, and expandability from two players to as many players as you want. Even though the game is just a bunch of dice, people often get really into the zombie theme. Continue reading

Zombie Dice on Top of Mount Snoqualmie

Zombie Dice being rolled on a rock next to the marker on top of Mt Snoqualmie

Zombie Dice next to the official government marker of the Mt Snoqualmie summit

Last weekend, Sean, Charlie, Michele, and I climbed to the top of Mount Snoqualmie. I carried Zombie Dice up, and we played a quick “sudden death” round of Zombie Dice at the top. The hike was very difficult and as Michele and I started to get to the end of our strength on the way up, she invented a hiking game for us to play along the way. Continue reading

Gaming Withdrawal and Game Storage

A basement shelf with games on it

We are almost halfway through September, and I have so far played three games this month: two rounds of Bang! and one round of Zombie Dice, all with coworkers. That is NOT normal for me. In most recent months, I have played somewhere in the range of 20-35 games per month (many of them quick little ones, of course). So I’m feeling a little gaming withdrawal right now. Continue reading

Pass the Pigs in Bellevue Thai Kitchen Restaurant

Josie waiting for Thai food to arrive

My lovely sister and fierce opponent

On one of my recent days off, I went over to Bellevue to spend the afternoon with my beautiful, smart, and funny little sister Josie. She is also one of my best gaming buddies! Continue reading

PAX Prime 2011 Game Convention in Seattle

Our PAX Prime 2011 badges at end of day

Our PAX badges after a fun day

Sean and I recently attended PAX Prime 2011. PAX is short for Penny Arcade Expo. It is a huge, weekend long gaming event for video gamers, PC gamers, and board gamers. According to Wikipedia’s info about PAX, PAX originated in Seattle in 2004 and now does an event in Boston (PAX East) too.

Over the last couple of years, I remembered people from Sean’s work talking about PAX, so this year, when tickets went on sale in April or so, I got two passes for Saturday so we could check it out. Continue reading

Camping Games Bohnanza, Slide 5, and Set

Camping games: Zombie Dice, Mexican Train, LCR Dice, Bohnanza, waterproof cards, Farkle, Perudo, Slide 5, Pass the Pigs, Hive

Camping games I packed

Last weekend, Sean and I went camping at Lake Easton with our friends Charlie and Michele. Naturally, I packed a bag of games! I tried not to go too far overboard and focused on packing small games that would work well at a picnic table. Continue reading

Slide 5 at the Sloop

The Sloop tavern in Ballard

The Sloop

The Sloop is a fun dive-y bar in Ballard that has huge “Sloopersize” beers and pretty tasty food for cheap. I went there with Charlie after work the other day while his wife Michele took a paddleboard yoga class (very brave!) and while Sean finished working. Continue reading

Purse Games

I like to make sure that I am always prepared with a few games available, and I usually carry a few small games in my purse. My sister gave me this awesome big purse, and it is great for packing in a bunch of games.

Large purse with games inside

My purse with games inside

I could fit way more games than this, but it’s nice to have some space to throw in a book, sunglasses, my lunch, etc. Here are the games that I’ve been carrying around in my purse lately. Continue reading